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My Mac is down big time!

Written by Lone Hansen on November 22nd, 2013.

I was updating my Mac with the newest OS. This crashed the PC big time. Fortunately, it is possible to start it in safe mode, and then do a backup of the entire system. Then I need to fix the harddrive and reinstall the OS and backup. Very timeconsuming, but it will be fine when I finish the job. Just a minor setback.

I have become a triathlete

Written by Lone Hansen on November 17th, 2013.

I started to do serious bikeriding 4 years ago. You might think I have lost my marbles, when I tell you, that I have now become a triathlete. Though I would like to stress that I belong to the slow fat triathletes (at least for now). And I might have lost my sanity and good judgement somewhere in the foggy clouds of a good company. I made a proclamation of wanting to finish an Ironman (3,8 km swimming followed by a 180 km bikeride and topped off with a marathon) in 2015. I start out with an Ironman 70.3 (half the distance) in August 2014 to test progress.

So why this insanity? First of all; I am fat. No doubt about that. I want to loose som weight to benefit my joints and ligaments. Second; I am turning 50 years old in 2015. So better late than never getting into shape. Even though it sounds extreme, there is a lot of sense to it all. Exercise is good for you and triathlon is one of the most versatile ways of training. You get a better endurance and the strength, of the entire body, is improved. All three disciplines require core and exterior muscle strength. And they all develop your fitness and endurance. The bikeriding mostly concentrated on the legs and lower body. So I added swimming and running. I am an old competitive swimmer, but have never been too fond of running even though I played womens football (soccer) and european handball for a few years to stay fit.

It is also possible to train the mind through extensive training. If we do not consider any of the physical health benefits, we might look at the mental benefits. It has been proven that endurance exercise combats stress and depression. I am not depressed or stressed though. But it is possible to push yourself out of your comfortzone through endurance practice. It can be compared to mindfulness training through meditation. If you do not stay absolutely focused, you will not be able to complete an Ironman. You have to push your mind, because the body will scream at you to stop moving. You can not push too hard and you can not be too slack. It is a balance. Either you get it or you don't. Endurance training is training in not giving into the minds (or rather ego's) likes and dislikes. Very much like what we try to achieve through buddhist meditation. Both are benefitial for you. Meditation trains your minds ability to let go of all emotions, thoughts etc. Endurance training give that training an extra edge with letting go of the ego's clinging to the body and comfortzone. The aim, for me at least, is not finishing the Ironman. It is to be in the zone, of letting go, regardless of what happens. The Ironman is just the tool in this regard. To get to know your minds possibilities, you have to reach far beyond your own comfortzone. It is way too easy to be content with status quo. Not that there is anything wrong in being content. Far from. But if you do never challenge yourself, you will never be able to know the unlimited possiblities your mind is capable of. Though do not make endurance training another of the ego's projects to gain recognition. This should not be the aim.

Going minimalistic

Written by Lone Hansen on November 16th, 2013.

The website has been redesigned. Going minimalistic. No fuss. Just a blog with my ramblings.

Idea is to make the site simple to maintain and without a lot of subpages. At the same time responsive and fitting any screen from a PC to a smartphone.

So how do I do that? By using HTML5 and CSS3 in connection with a little javascript. Not much, but it works very well.

I do not want any fancy colors or memory consuming scripts. Just plain text.